Highly Rated Yellowstone Lodging Near All the Exciting Attractions

Many guests and tourists choose us for their Yellowstone lodging while they visit the exciting nearby attractions. As you come and go from Yellowstone National Park we provide you with accessible and convenient lodging from a long day of seeing the sites. With Yellowstone so close, and our exceptional amenities, there is no better choice for your Yellowstone lodging than the Yellowstone Village Inn - top rated among Gardiner, MT hotels.

With breathtaking views, wildlife right at your side, and outdoor activities galore, book your vacation now for an unforgettable Yellowstone lodging experience by staying at the Yellowstone Village Inn. Yellowstone National Park is a favorite destination for millions of visitors each year. 

Yellowstone Lodging Attraction Ideas

  • Lamar Valley – Prime location for viewing wildlife, including bison, elk, coyotes, grizzlies, and wolves.
  • Old Faithful Geyser – This exciting natural geyser erupts approximately every 90 minutes, shooting boiling water 106-185 feet into the air and making a spectacular show.
  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – See huge waterfalls 1200 feet tall and 4000 feet wide. You will also find the upper falls and the lower falls of Yellowstone.
  • Hayden Valley – Another excellent wildlife viewing, including buffalo, elk, coyote, and the occasional grizzly bear.
  • Mammoth Hot Springs – Enjoy beautiful rock deposits and formations from years of calcium carbonate deposits.
  • Grand Prismatic Spring – See the largest hot spring in the United States which is bright and colorful from pigmentation of the water.
  • Mud Volcano – View a natural bubbling spring of mud from acidic water.

Yellowstone Lodging River Activities

Directly across from our Gardiner, MT lodging is the Yellowstone River which runs all the way through the Park. This river provides many outdoor activities, including white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and fishing. Guides are available to take passengers down the river, while additional walking, biking, hiking, and picnicking trails are available nearby. When you stay at our Yellowstone lodging you are only a short walk from seeing various animals that graze near the water, making for an excellent spot to bird watch, view wildlife, and take pictures.

Experience these exciting activities:

  • Blacktail Plateau Drive – An unpaved 45 minute drive between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower-Roosevelt where many animals can typically be seen.
  • Paradise Valley Loop – Drive along the beautiful Paradise Valley from our hotel in Yellowstone to Livingston.
  • Horseback Riding – Available through Yellowstone Park, Paradise Valley, along the Yellowstone River.

Other Popular Attractions Near Our Yellowstone Lodging

  • Paradise Valley – 53 miles of beautiful ranch land, flowing rivers with several hot springs, and excellent fishing spots along the way. Also home to the tall Devil's Slide Rock formation.
  • The Boiling River – Just a few miles south of the park entrance, thermal water boils up on the banks and mixes to a comfortable temperature to enjoy a soak.
  • Jardine – An old gold town 7 miles north of the hotel where you can find great hiking, berry picking and exploring in the nearby mountains.
  • Devil's Slide – An unusual rock formation that can be seen heading North on Highway 89.

Make Yellowstone Village Inn your choice for your Yellowstone lodging experience and close access to all of these attractions and hotel amenities. After a long day of exploring, viewing, outdoor and activity and fun, let Yellowstone Village Inn show you comfortability and cleanliness like no other Yellowstone lodging facility. 



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Summary of Nearby Activities:

  • Yellowstone National Park – 1 mile
  • Yellowstone River – across the street
  • Scenic Drives – distance varies
  • Paradise Valley – 15 miles
  • Old Faithful – 1 hour
  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – 26 miles